Wear what you stand for

Does your clothing brand represent you?

Our mission is to take how we wear clothing to the next level, making you an inspiration for change without compromising on style.

We are creating forward-thinking clothing based on mental health, contributing to and leading initiatives for you and the people you care about. Wearing movemental shows you care and are ready to make a change.



Like many others, we have experienced the devastating impact mental health issues can have on families and communities. We understand how people are stepping up and want to show how they care. movemental was born with a simple ambition in mind, we want to help you, help others.

We are creating forward thinking clothing that doesn’t compromise on quality or style, acting as the platform to transform how you present your values. movemental will give you the opportuntiy to change how clothing represents you and new ways of having better conversations.


Nearly two-thirds of people with a known mental health disorder never seek professional help. Stigma and discrimination prevent people from seeking the treatment they need. There is a lack of understanding and we want to use our platform to not only invest, but to educate. We want to provide our customers with the tools to help their, and their communities, mental health.

Too often there is a public tragedy that brings us together, to be kinder to one another, but what happens in between? We may share the odd inspirational quote, follow a new influencer, read a blog. We are creating a platform that keeps mental health front of mind and creating an opportunity to demonstrate kindness continuously.  

What can you do?

We will be informally educating on how you can help improve your own mental health and the mental health of the people you care for, in our weekly newsletter and through our social channels. By following our updates, you will learn how to make a bigger impact on those you care about. We are also committed to investing at least 25% of our profits into mental health initiatives. We believe that by helping you, help others, we will all create stronger relationships and happier people.


We are committed to investing into and creating new mental health initiatives to resolve the mental health crisis. We are going beyond just making charitable donations, we will also be educating, campaigning and investing into ideas and initiatives that result in visible change.

Our aim is to target areas of need within mental health, creating plans and keeping you informed of the changes that you are helping to make. These initiatives are always evolving and we value our customers opinions, so if there is something relevant that you believe we should consider, please reach out to us and we would love to discuss how we could help.

Below are the selection of initiatives we are currently supporting:

Education: Through our communications, our aim is to help you, help others with expert tips on how you can help improve the mental wellbeing of yourself and people you care about. By following our updates, you will learn how to make a bigger impact on those you care about.

Research: Studies into the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental health conditions are significantly underfunded. We will sponsor research projects with our research partners. More research will result in better knowledge on what causes mental health issues and how these can be treated more effectively

Supporting mental with physical: Exercise is a powerful medicine for many common mental health challenges. Our mission is to help more people realise the mental health benefits of exercising, we’ll do this through our exercise-friendly clothing and sharing exercise tips for
beginners and upwards.

Mental health partnerships: We will be donating to mental health charities such as the Samaritans, CALM and Mind, looking for your input to help us choose where we support and invest.